Hire out your garment

STEP 1: Email us.
Email us at runwayclosetaus@gmail.com.au with your intent to loan us your attire. In the email provide us with as much information as possible eg, history, purchase date, brand, style, RRP and photos. Runway Closet will only loan your Attire if the RRP is greater than $200 and please bear in mind that not all Attire is suitable for our closet. If we decline your request it is not our intention to offend.
STEP 2: Send it to us.
Once we have approved your Attire for Runway Closet, send or deliver it to the Sunshine Coast Showroom. When we receive it, we will get straight to work and advertise it on our web and social media pages.
STEP 3: You get paid.
When your attire is successfully rented we will pay you 40% of the total rental price. Unlike other loaning platforms your attire is professionally cleaned and insured, leaving you hassle free and giving you peace of mind that your beloved pieces will be returned undamaged.
Step 4: Your attire is safely returned
You are free to opt out of our lending agreement at any time. Simply email us providing the minimum notice as per our Terms and Conditions. If you are interstate we will express post the attire to you. Otherwise collect your attire from the Sunshine Coast Showroom on the date and time agreed upon. Making money from your closet has never been so easy.